• We believe in the power of stories. Culture. Great myths.
  • We create them by the image. Word. History
  • We help brands to find their vocation

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We help brands to discover their vocation and include it in the story

We know that communication is not everything. Good story supports jobs, being able to contribute to the development of a city, region, or company.

We believe in brands as in the way to change the World for the better. We create such brands. We work with such brands.

We teach about storytelling and use it at work. Because stories humanize the brand, giving it human features. The story has the power to bridge the gap of brand-consumer, and turn it into a close relationship of brand-man. That’s why we created Brands&People. Because people play the key role in brands.


We help brands to discover their vocation, so they can create their own stories.

Brand Coaching

Authorial group process for brands, organizations and its key employees (management, owners, directors), which goal is to discover the vocation of the brand and to create its own story. We set off together; its purpose is to discover talent and vocation of the brand, as well as an ambitious and non-material purpose.


We teach and educate about storytelling, and how important are the stories. Storytelling workshops dedicated to the brands, helping to discover their own stories. Own story humanizes the brand and helps it to jump the gap of trust between the brand and the broad environment.

Brand and communication strategy

We help the brand to develop and tell its own story, discover their own vocation and build the identity. We design and implement external and internal communications of the brand, based on a created story. We help to discover and introduce own rituals to the organization and its employees.


broadly defined communication based on the brand story and the elements of storytelling, using the story rules.

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The stories make us human

- Grzegorz Kosson -


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